How can you cook up such things about someone?: Adhyayan Suman reacts to false report of his suicide; father Shekhar Suman to take legal action against news channel


Shekhar Suman and Alka Suman received a shock of their lives when a news channel falsely claimed that their son Adhyayan Suman died by suicide. The actor was in Delhi when the news flashed. Now, Adhyayan has reacted to this 'shameful' incident. Talking to the paparazzi, the actor said his mother was devasted after the false news broke out. He further said he was in a meeting and couldn't answer his mother's frantic call. 

Adhyayan, talking to a pap, said, "Bhai, agar maine suicide kar liya, to ye mera bhoot khada aapse baat kar raha hai shayad. Bhai ye bahut sharmnaak baat hai." He added, "I was in a meeting when people started calling me. People were nervous as I could not pick calls. Even when my mom called. She was obviously in shock and could not believe the reports." 

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Adhyayan further said, "This is so wrong! To hear that your child has died by suicide! Why would you report this? Why would you write such things about me? I am happy in my life and am working hard. I do not need to commit suicide. I do not want anyone to die by suicide. How can you cook up such things about someone? It is shameful!"

Adhyayan's father, veteran actor Shekhar Suman, slammed the news channel and said he'll be taking legal action against them for spreading false news. "Yesterday @ZeeNews acted unpardonably irresponsible and sent out a piece of news that devastated me,my wife and my family members .My wife was inconsolable as they announced that Adhyayan Suman has committed suicide.Adhyayan was in Delhi," Shekhar tweeted. He also said, "While I'm taking legal action against them and suing them for such a reprehensible act.The media ought to be more responsible and not jeopardize ppl's lives and destroy them for their own vested interest.i request ev one to tweet and ban"

(Source: Instagram/Twitter)