Hrithik Roshan exits Mumbai Crime Branch after recording his statement in Kangana Ranaut fake e-mail case


Hrithik Roshan recorded his statement at the Mumbai Crime Branch against Kangana Ranaut in the fake e-mail case today. 

He was clicked leaving the offices after two hours of interrogation. 

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Hrithik had complained to the police in 2016, alleging that someone impersonating him had been sending e-mails to Kangana using a fake id. Kangana had called him her ‘silly ex’ after a social media fight and had claimed that Hrithik had sent her hundreds of absurd e-mails.

Reportedly, the actor's last three mobiles and two laptops, have been taken into custody for inquiry. As per reports, Hrithik has claimed that Kangana bugged his office, house and cell phone. He told the authorities that he is ready to answer any questions but not face-to-face interrogation with Kangana.