Plain simple DISGUST: Taapsee Pannu and Sona Mohapatra lash out as SC asks rape accused to marry the survivor


Actor Taapsee Pannu and singer Sona Mohapatra have reacted to the Supreme Court's verdict in a rape case. A government servant has been accused of raping a girl and in their hearing on Monday, the SC bench asked the accused if he was 'willing to marry' the girl.

"Will you marry her?", asked the judges. The accused stated that he is already married and can't do the same. To this, the bench of judges replied by saying, "If you are willing to marry her then we can consider it, otherwise you will go to jail." They also added that they are forcing him to marry her. 

As soon as the details of the statements went viral on the web, netizens started penning their opinion on social media. Bollywood celebs including Taapsee Pannu and Sona Mohapatra also shared their point of view. Taapsee took to Twitter and wrote, "Did someone ask the girl this question? If she wants to marry her rapist !!!??? Is that a question !!!??? This is the solution or a punishment? Plain simple DISGUST." 

Sona tweeted, "This is sickening & deeply disturbing. A rapist marrying his victim has been a gory & repulsive bollywood solution in the past, how can a Supreme Court of #India fall to these levels?" 

(Source: Twitter)