Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri and Pallavi Joshi react to their 67th National Film Award win for Best Supporting Actress and Best Screenplay Dialogue for The Tashkent Files


Pallavi Joshi was adjudged Best Supporting Actress for The Tashkent Files at the 67th National Film Awards, which were announced today.  The film also won the National Award for Best Screenplay Dialogue Writing. The awards honoured the artistes and films that released in 2019. The ceremony was supposed to be held last year in May but was postponed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri and wife Pallavi Joshi expressed their happiness at their momentous win.

Director Vivek Aghihotri said "It is a moment of great happiness and honour for us. The Tashkent Files has won two National Awards, which is the most prestigious award in the country. For me, it is a matter of great honour because this film was stuck for a very long time and everybody's complaint was that this film won't work as it has no screenplay and it has too many dialogues - everybody is talking all the time. And finally, the film has won the National Award for Best Screenplay Dialogue Writing. I am really happy about that and Pallavi's award is so well deserving and she was fabulous in that film. She did exceptional acting in it. She won the Best Supporting actress for that. Above all, I dedicate this award in the memory of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri ji. And I specially dedicate this award because when this film abandoned and isolated, sabotaged by a whole lot of people, at that time, when it had no decent release, no advertising, marketing, at that time, the common people of India supported this film, gave their love to the film. And so, I dedicate this film to the common people of India."

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Pallavi Joshi said "I  am really happy, you know. Definitely, it would be wrong for me to say that I am not happy with my award. Of course, I am happy and on cloud nine. What I am really happy about is, Vivek won, it is his first National Award and I am so excited, happy and proud of him. I think, The Tashkent Files was a kick-ass film and he put in his best when he wrote The Tashkent Files. And to get recognition for his writing as the screenplay and dialogue writer means immense loads for me.  Of coure, there is a lot of if and buts, oh you should have this award and that award. But then he has won a National Award and he is a National Award winner and I am so happy. And even before this euphoria started with the announcement of Vivek's name died down, my name came up. So it took me a while to accept that I won too. And what could be better you know when both husband and wife are winning together. I mean, it is a crazy feeling, something I cannot put in words at all.”

She further added, “But, I am very happy and I must say one thing that when all the critics and so-called intellectuals had panned this film completely by giving it zero stars and god knows what all without even recognising that a filmmaker goes through a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make a film. Yet, they completely panned the film. But it was only the people of India, who took that effort, went to the theatre and saw that film. Not just for the film, they spread awareness about it through social media, on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. They wrote essays on film which other people read and thronged the theatres. And that is how the film completed 100 days at the box office. So whatever The Tashkent Files is today, is because of the audience and people of India. And if we two have won the National Award, it is again thanks to the people of India who showed their belief and faith in us. So, I would definitely dedicate this award to every person who has seen the film and has given so much joy and happiness."

(Source: Agencies)