'Rishi Kapoor followed a gossip website to keep a tab on son Ranbir Kapoor,' shares Abhishek Bachchan


Late Rishi Kapoor, in his interviews, never shied away from talking about his strained relationship with son Ranbir Kapoor. But did you know that the veteran actor would follow a celebrity gossip website to keep a tab on Ranbir? Well, yes. Abhishek Bachchan, who worked with Rishi in films like Delhi-6 and All Is Well, revealed it during an interview with an entertainment portal. Abhishek, currently receiving appreciation for The Big Bull, told that when he was with Rishi in Shimla for a shoot, he discovered that news about Ranbir came to his father via an entertainment website. 

"We were shooting in Shimla, and in the morning, I went to his room because I used to sit and have coffee with him in the morning. I walked into the room and he was in his lungi, he had these small glasses and he was on his computer. I found that very cute from behind, this visual," Abhishek told.

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Abhishek added that he asked Rishi what was he doing and then got introduced to the website. He shared when he questioned Rishi what was it, he replied, "The only way I can tell what Ranbir is doing." Abhishek told, "And I am like, ‘This guy, he is amazing! He had no filter. He would just say it.’ So, he was following (the website) to know what Ranbir was up to. I found that so sweet."

Rishi passed away in Mumbai on April 30, 2020.

(Source: Film Companion)