Babil I. Khan recalls the time Irrfan built a table in hospital to write journals, shares handwritten note on father's 1st death anniversary


Acclaimed Hollywood and Bollywood actor Irrfan passed away on April 29, 2020. Today, it is his first death anniversary. The legendary actor's son Babil I. Khan and wife Sutapa Sikdar are keeping him alive in memories by sharing anecdotes and throwback pictures on social media. On 'baba' Irrfan's first death anniversary, Babil shared an unseen picture of the actor.

Babil, on Instagram, shared a picture of Irrfan building his own table in the hospital room to write journals. Calling him his 'greatest best friend, companion, brother and father', Babil said, "I miss you, more than all that shah-Jahan/mumtaz stuff; I would have built a space monument that could have taken us to the furthest parts of a blackhole singularity you were always intrigued by, but I would have been there with you Baba, and we could have gone together, hand in hand."


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In another post on Instagram, Babil shared a handwritten note by Irrfan. It was dated June 2018 when the actor was in London for the treatment. "Need I say much? My Baba, last stages of evolution," the caption read. 


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Irrfan's film The Song of the Scorpions will be releasing in theatres as a tribute to him.

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