Salman Khan offers ration and educational equipment to 18 years old student from Karnataka after he loses father to COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for people belonging to different strata in society. While some have lost their job, many are struggling to meet basic daily requirements. The lives of some youngsters and children have also turned upside down after losing their parents to COVID-19. As we continue fighting the virus, an 18-year-old student from Karnataka reached out for help on social media after his father lost his life to the virus. Jumping to his rescue, Salman Khan has now stepped up to offer assistance. 

The superstar was informed about the 18-year-old by Rahul Kanal, who is working closely with Salman on his Being Haangryy initiative. Rahul told a leading daily that Salman will be providing ration and basic educational equipment to the student. "We have provided ration and educational equipment to him. We will be there for him and provide whatever is needed for his betterment. Salman’s family of fans are enabling us to help others. Salman told us to go out and be there for every human in need. He is aware of every fan club devoted to him. He is also aware of every request that comes his way, and the ones that we are providing aid to," Rahul told. 

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Under the Being Haangryy initiative, Salman and Rahul are distributing food packets to frontline workers like the Mumbai police, BMC staff and other healthcare workers. They plan to do it till May 15, 2021.

(Source: Mid-Day)