Milind Soman nails six-finger pull ups, leaves netizens awestruck


Milind Soman has proved yet again that he is one of the fittest men of his age. While many of us feel reluctant to exercise and often complain of old age, body aches and pains, Milind time and again shells out fitness goals through his videos and pictures. The 55-year-old who has been doing a variety of exercises as part of his recovery process post COVID-19, just showcased how to do pull-ups with six-fingers.

Taking to Instagram, the actor shared a video of him doing ‘six-finder pull-ups’ or using just the fore finger, middle finger, and ring finger of both hands to hold the bar above and do the exercise, in place of the usual fisted grip. He captioned it, “Six finger pullups - third set of 8 repetitions every part of your body and mind, organs and systems, muscles, focus, concentration, stamina, digestion, are getting weaker as you grow older, and by older I mean after mid twenties, slowly at first, but then faster and faster .. UNLESS you make the effort to keep every part of your body and mind strong. Its upto us to understand our mental and physical weaknesses and make lifestyle and attitude choices to ensure we do not suffer due to them.”

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His fans couldn’t help but applaud the actor on his fitness levels and many commented on his post. Reacting to the video, a social media user wrote, “Mind-blowing!” Another wrote, “How could you do it with so (much) ease…You might have made it look easy but that requires some strength.” Another asked a most pressing question, “Are you human or superhuman?”

(Source: Instagram)