LOL! Man calls anti-viral COVID-19 injection Remdesivir ‘Remo D’Souza’ in viral video, choreographer-filmmaker reacts by sharing the clip


We all know that everyone has a slip-of-tongue when caught in an emotionally charged state and it often gives way to hilarious situations. Something similar happened recently when a man’s short interview with a TV channel went viral for the funniest of reasons. The man was ranting about corrupt officials taking bribes to administer and sell medicines and injections, especially the COVID-19 anti-viral medication Remdesivir. However, instead of saying Remdesivir he uttered the name of well-known choreographer and director Remo D’Souza in the clip which has become viral.

Remo, himself took to social media to share the man’s video and wrote, “Don’t miss the end. #ciplakaremodsouza #justforlaugh.” Remo’s and Remdesivir’s names have become viral after the video surfaced on the internet. The man’s gaffe has left netizens in splits. The man in his rant mistakenly says, “Cipla company ka Remo D'Souza."


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Choreographer Terence Lewis also commented on the video and wrote, “@remodsouza this was too funny n is gone crazily viral! Died laughing n reminded me of DID auditions where contestants would give us amazing names out of sheer innocence ! But bhai Tu iska Poora video Dekh le na! He spoke so much sense ! He spoke for the people of India! Super respect to him for that!”

The second wave of Coronavirus has wreaked havoc across the country with the anti-viral medications and oxygen cylinders falling in short supply to treat the infected.

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