Shaan admits he went 'overboard' with his song 'Sniper' after taking a dig at Honey Singh's choice of rap songs


Singer Shaan, after dissing the music of Yo Yo Honey Singh recently, has admitted that the music video for his song Sniper went 'overboard'. He also mentioned that he is at 'crossroads at this point in his life where he need to try new things'.

In a recent interview, Shaan took a dig at the songs of Yo Yo Honey Singh, and said that they have no 'musicality' to them. He told, "Why is rap music so popular today? Is it because they use expletives? No, because there is no musicality in rap songs. Anyone can sing songs like Chaar Botal Vodka, Sunny Sunny and Lungi Dance."

He added, “Music ki samajh kitne logon ke paas hai? Bohot kum. Hum sabko musically educate toh nahi kar sakte lekin hum itna kar sakte hai ki aap apni taraf se good music dete rahe ki dheere dheere ek taste banega. Lekin sabse aasaan tareeka yeh hai ki main aapke sthar pe utar jaaun (very few people actually understand music. We cannot musically educate everyone but what we can do is churn out good music so that people develop a taste for it. But the easiest way is to stoop down to their level)," he had said to a lifestyle portal.

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Now, the singer has revealed that he may have gone "overboard" in the music video of his song, Sniper, in an effort to stay "relevant". He told a leading daily, "For someone to be able to relate to you in the present, you have to be in the present. You have to understand the current trends and adapt to them. As a singer, I have always tried to not become dated or stick to one style. I kept changing my style without losing my originality."

He continued, "Sniper is one of the many experiments that I have been doing on my channel. I know the video might have gone a little overboard but I am at a crossroads at this point in my life where I need to try new things. So I have no regrets; I will keep trying different things."