KRK Kutta Barking Dog Song: Mika Singh unleashes his fury at Kamaal Rashid Khan in his latest diss track


Mika Singh has done what he promised to do, release a diss track on Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK titled KRK Kutta Barking Dog. Following their Twitter feud, Mika had announced that he would soon be coming out with a song dedicated to KRK’s antics and his personal and below-the-belt remarks. Mika’s and KRK’s feud have gained strength after Salman Khan filed a defamation suit against the latter for making derogatory and false claims on social media about his charity organization Being Human.

The new song KRK Kutta Barking Dog has lyrics demeaning KRK and voicing choicest expletives for him. The video shows several people singing along and also shows footage of dogs with their barks included in the music. KRK’s face is also superimposed on several women as Mika rebukes him. Vindu Dara Singh also features in the music video.

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The track has been sung by Mika and composed with Shaarib Toshi and Shaarib Sabri. Mika even asked Kamaal R Khan for a genuine review of this diss track created by him.

Watch the song below:

(Source: YouTube)