‘Cinema, media & the literati cannot afford to be the 3 iconic monkeys of India,’ says Kamal Haasan slamming Central Government’s proposed amendments to Cinematograph Act


Kamal Haasan is the latest celeb who has joined the campaign against the proposed Cinematograph Act 2021. The Act gives the power to override the certification issued by CBFC and re-examine films that have been cleared. The Cinematograph Act comes on the heels of the scrapping of the Film Certificate Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) where filmmakers could have appealed against CBFC’s decisions and cuts. The move has upset the filmmakers who feel it is an unnecessary interference on the government’s part and has questioned the amended law.

Haasan took to Twitter to voice his disappointment and displeasure over the move and wrote, “Cinema, media and the literati cannot afford to be the three iconic monkeys of India. Seeing, hearing and speaking of impending evil is the only medication against attempts to injure and debilitate democracy." In a follow-up tweet he wrote, “Please act, voice your concern for freedom and liberty. @MIB_India #cinematographact2021 #raiseyourvoice.”

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The proposed amendments to the Cinematograph Act of 1952 have raised concerns among the filmmakers who believe that it might curtail their freedom of expression. The Centre released the bill last week and has sought public opinion till July 2. The bill also proposes harsh punishment and stricter regulation for piracy.

The Centre has also sought feedback on proposed rejig of an age classification system and further subdivide the existing UA category into age-based categories such as U/A 7+, U/A 13+ and U/A 16+.

(Source: Twitter)