Pinch 2: Does Salman Khan have a wife named Noor and 17 years old daughter in Dubai? Allow the superstar to bust the fake news


Salman Khan is Bollywood's most eligible bachelor. The superstar is time and again asked about his marriage and with a dash of humour, he addresses every query. While fans have linked him up with many women, this time a person literally went on to claim that Salman is already married and has a 17 years old daughter. 

Salman's younger brother Arbaaz Khan brought up this claim during his chat show, Pinch 2's first episode. Arbaaz read out a person's comment that Salman has a secret family in Dubai. "Kahan chhupa baitha hai darpok. Bharat mein sab jaante hain ke tu Dubai mein apni biwi Noor aur 17 saal ki beti ke saath hai. Bharat ke log ko kab tak murkh banaiga," the comment read. 

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A shocked Salman asked, "This is for who?" Arbaaz hinted that the comment was for him. Reacting to it, "These people are very well-informed. This is all rubbish. I don't know whom they've spoken about, and where they've posted. Does this person really think I'm going to dignify them with a response? Brother, I don't have a wife. I live in India, at Galaxy Apartments, since the age of nine. I'm not going to respond to this person, all of India knows where I live."

In the first episode of Pinch 2, Salman also reacted to trolls and responded to a netizen who slammed him for his 'dikhawa wala acting'.

(Source: Pinch 2)