Marathi actor Umesh Kamat slams media houses for wrongly linking him to Raj Kundra's case, says 'it led to irreparable damage to my image'


On July 19, Shilpa Shetty's husband and businessman Raj Kundra was taken into judicial custody in an alleged pornography case. Raj's manager, Umesh Kamat, and a person named Ryan Tharp were also arrested. However, the arrest of Umesh caused trouble and mental agony to Marathi actor, Umesh Kamat. The actor issued a statement on social media slamming certain news channels and portals for wrongly using his picture and name in the ongoing pornography case. Calling it an 'irresponsible incident', Umesh said huge damage has been done to his image. 

In a statement, Umesh wrote, "Today, I went through a very outrageous experience of irresponsible Journalism. In the search of one Umesh Kamat alleged involvement in Raj Kundra case, My name was picked up recklessly out of nowhere and associated with the case without any verification of facts. Maybe the media doesn't realize but this single irresponsible incident has led to mental agony and irreparable damage to my image. My pictures were irresponsibly used by one media agency. Within no time, I and my family were flooded with calls and questions coming from all over the county just because someone was in the haste to get a scoop and wasn't enough to verify the facts. Huge damage has been done."

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Umesh, who is the husband of actress Priya Bapat, said he'll take necessary legal action against those who wrongly dragged him into the case. "I shall pursue necessary legal remedies against the respective media agency. I have therefore immediately taken to social media to clarify that the person my name " UMESH KAMAT" alleged to be involved in the Raj Kundra case is, not me. I request you all to take note of the same and not fall for the absolute false and negligent news coverage I am sure I have your support- Umesh Kamat," he wrote. 

Raj is currently in judicial custody till July 23. 

(Source: Twitter)