Director Pankaj Parashar clarifies Shraddha Kapoor's Chaalbaaz In London is not a remake but a new story, reveals Shakti Kapoor will have a special appearance in the film


In April this year, it was announced that Shraddha Kapoor has been signed for Chaalbaaz director Pankaj Parashar's next film titled Chaalbaaz In London. Soon after the film was announced, people assumed that it is the remake of Sridevi's classic which released in 1989. Shraddha was compared to Sridevi, who was seen in a double role. Now, reacting to this, Pankaj told a leading daily that he can't rule out comparisons between the actresses. He further said that once people watch Chaalbaaz In London, they'll realise that comparing Shraddha and Sridevi was not needed. 

"When I made Chaalbaaz, I knew there were films like Seeta Aur Geeta and Ram Aur Shyam before it. They were immensely successful films and comparisons were inevitable. Chaalbaaz is a part of Sridevi’s legacy now, and hence, we have a tremendous responsibility on our shoulders to live up to the word ‘chaalbaaz’. I cannot rule out comparisons, which people will draw between Shraddha and Sridevi. But when they see the film, they will know that there was no need for that," Pankaj told the daily. 

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He clarified that Chaalbaaz In London is not a remake but a new story. "We’re not remaking the previous film, but we are attempting a new story in a completely different zone with a new set of characters. It will have a lot of action and a very intense emotional track. As a filmmaker, I love the fact that I have big shoes to fill. Even 30 years later, people have Na Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai on their playlists. I have some sort of a name to live up to, and I happily accept the challenge," Pankaj shared.

Shraddha's father Shakti Kapoor played the role of Batuknath Lallanprasad Maalpani a.k.a. Balma in Chaalbaaz. Pankaj revealed that the veteran actor will have a special appearance in Chaalbaaz In London.  

(Source: Times Of India)