Pratik Gandhi transforms into King of Lanka as he holds mirror to societal evils in trailer of Raavan Leela (Bhavai)


Fresh from the success of his debut web series Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story, Pratik Gandhi will be seen in the film titled Raavan Leela (Bhavai) which will release in theatres on October 1. After playing Harshad Mehta effortlessly, Pratik has transformed into Ram as well as Raavan for the film. Today, the makers of Raavan Leela (Bhavai) released the film's trailer on social media. 

The trailer of Raavan Leela (Bhavai) is about a theatre artist named Rajaram Joshi who hails from a small village. He becomes a part of a theatre group organising Ram Leela. But the twist here is Rajaram steps in as Raavan and is in love with the young girl who plays Sita in Ram Leela. Raavan Leela (Bhavai) seems to be a strong take on societal evils and even politics in the name of religion.   

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Raavan Leela (Bhavai) is presented by Dr Jayantilal Gada (Pen) and is produced by Dhaval Jayantilal Gada, Aksshay Jayantilal Gada, Parth Gajjar and Hardik Gajjar films in association with Backbencher Pictures. Hardik Gajjar has directed the film. 

Raavan Leela (Bhavai) also stars Aindrita Ray, Ankur Bhatia, Abhimanyu Singh, Rajesh Sharma, Ankur Vikal, Rajendra Gupta, Gopal Singh, Flora Saini, Anil Rastogi, Krishna Bisht and Bhagyashree Mote.

(Source: YouTube)