Shehnaaz Gill says she was heroine of 'Bigg Boss 13', indirectly calls Sidharth Shukla her 'hero'


Shehnaaz Gill's recently released Punjabi film Honsla Rakh co-starring Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa and Shinda Grewal is winning hearts globally. The film revolving around unwanted pregnancy is creating history at the box office. The audience, who watched Honsla Rakh, can't just stop praising Shehnaaz and Diljit's on-screen chemistry. Recently, the actors sat down for an interview and spoke about each other’s shortcomings. While Diljit and Sonam tried to step aside, Shehnaaz decided to answer the question.

The Punjabi actress and former Bigg Boss finalist opened up about Diljit's shortcomings. Shehnaaz told, "He has a cool personality and I thought it will be fun to work with him. But he is very reserved and very professional. He doesn’t let you enter into his comfort zone at first. I told him that next time we work together, create that comfort zone with me. We don’t talk and we are directly on camera and it is tough for me. If you talk first, it becomes easier."

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Shehnaaz said Sonam was a bit reserved. The latter accepted that she takes time to open up to others and told that a few people do have this quality. When Diljit joked that he felt he was in Bigg Boss, Shehnaaz called that ‘the real test’. 

Shehnaaz, calling herself the heroine of Bigg Boss 13, indirectly referred to Sidharth Shukla as the hero of the show. "This is why I was the queen, I was the heroine of Bigg Boss 13," Shehnaaz said. When Sonam said she was the hero, Shehnaaz shared, "I was the heroine of Bigg Boss, hero was someone else." 

(Source: DMZ)