I've been through depression, do not know what was I thinking when I decided to do Bigg Boss: Shamita Shetty talks about her struggle with mental health on Shilpa Shetty's show


Through Bigg Boss OTT and Bigg Boss 15, Shamita Shetty introduced the power of patience and positivity to all her young fans across the country. The actress, who is now enjoying a strong fan base, has been an inspiration in many ways. During her recent appearance on her sister Shilpa Shetty's chat show, Shamita opened up about coping with mental health issues. 

Shilpa, on the show titled Shape Of You, asked her younger sister, "I know you had the gumption to go to Bigg Boss, despite your struggle with mental health. That is a mentally challenging process. How did you manage to cope with that?" 

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In response to this, Shamita shared, "Honestly, I do not know what was I thinking when I decided to go into the Bigg Boss house. As you must have seen, I had many highs and lows inside the house. But, I do not know how I managed to put myself together and move on. I think it was because of what I have been through in my past. I have been through depression and that is what made me stronger. That is what gives me the courage to take on challenges. I feel if I have overcome that, I can overcome anything."

Praising Shamita, Shilpa said, "Very brave of you to say that, many people in our country feel there is a stigma attached to approaching depression and mental health issues." The Bigg Boss 15 finalist added, "Personally speaking, when I went through that phase, I did not even know I was in depression. I could not understand why I behaved or felt in a particular way. I felt lost all the time. I was dating someone at the time and he told me 'I think there is something wrong'. People have to own up the fact (that they are in depression), when they are going through the phase. The families' support at the time is very important. To people who do not have that support from families, I'd say, please do something for yourself. Seek help for your depression'. "

Shamita further shared, "And, it is not as if you overcome depression and it cannot ever happen again. For me, I have to be aware everyday, I look for signs everyday. I make conscious efforts to not do things that would take me back to it again.”

(Source: Shape Of You)