Got eve-teased and pinched in local trains and buses before earning my first car: Raveena Tandon reacts to trolls questioning her 'privilege'


Raveena Tandon never shies away from being vocal about her experiences, opinions and choices. Now, the actress has raised her voice against Devendra Fadnavis’ decision to shift back the Metro 3 car shed to the Aarey forest in Mumbai. On Saturday, a netizen questioned her if celebrities would even know the struggle that a middle-class Mumbaikar would have to go through. 

Reacting to the tweet, Raveena hit back at the netizen questioning her. She wrote, "Teen yrs,travelled in locals/buses,got eveteased,pinched,everything that most women go through,earned my first car in 92.Development is welcome,we have to b responsible,not only a project,but wherever we are cutting thru r forests,to safeguard environment/wildlife."

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In another tweet, the actress said, "Everyone’s life is not a bed of roses @SunainaHoley ji. Everyone has struggled to reach somewhere.I’m sure you have a house/car too.The day heat waves/flooding/natural disasters strike,it’ll effect the common man first. Elitists will be the first to run away to their Swiss chalet."

Raveena then added, "All development is welcome. All one prays is that more is done to compensate for environmental loss/safeguarding of wildlife. India today prides herself with tiger count increase, but because of depleting forest road/rail kills of leopards and tigers are increasing."

When another netizen tweeted, "Hello @TandonRaveena, When did you last travel like this to oppose Metro? You folks are shameless," the actress hit back saying, "Until 1991, I travelled like this. And being a girl also got physically harassed by nameless trolls like you. Before I started working, saw success and earned my first car. Troll Ji. Nagpur ke ho, hara bhara hai aap ka city (Your city Nagpur is evergreen). Lucky. Don’t grudge anyone (for) their success or earnings."

Workwise, Raveena was last seen in KGF: Chapter 2. She has also signed Ghudchadi co-starring Sanjay Dutt.

(Source: Twitter)