Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives 2: Seema Sajdeh removes 'Khan' from nameplate; upset son Nirvan says 'we're still Khan'


Seema Sajdeh, who was formerly married to Salman Khan's younger brother Sohail Khan, dropped Khan from her name after she separated from the actor. She went back to her maiden surname. Now, in the second season of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, Seema changed the nameplate that read 'Khan,' and replaced it with one that read 'Seema, Nirvan, Yohan'.  

In the first episode of the season, when Nirvan noticed the changed nameplate, he asked his mother about it and objected to it. He said, "We're a family of four, all Khans. But just removing the surname, putting three of our names, you've basically indirectly removed just one person's name." When Seema tried to justify her move, he told her, "It’s a little unnecessary. It doesn’t need to be done. What's the difference? At the end of the day, you're still Khan. We're still Khan."

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Seema reacted to it and said, "But you know that I won't stay a Khan much longer." While he tried to convince her to use a nameplate that read 'Khan and Sajdeh,' she explained, "How can I do that, Nirvan? That's why there is no last name involved, it's the three of us. It doesn’t discount the fact that we are always going to be a family but at the same time Nirvaan, I am also at a point in my life where I feel that I have to put one foot ahead."

She added, "I am neither here nor there at the moment. You and Yohan will have that last name which will not be my last name. It's something that I'm still trying to wrap my head around, which is why I don't want last names." Seema asked Nirvan if he feels she should be moving forward at this point. He said she should live her life without bothering about him.

In a piece to the camera, Seema said, "I know this is a new chapter in my life and I don’t know how it is going to be. It is actually very complicated."

On May 13, Seema and Sohail filed for divorce after 24 years of marriage. A few days later, she changed her name on social media handles to Seema Kiran Sajdeh. Sohail and Seema share two sons-Nirvan, who is around 21, and Yohan, who is 10.