Gauri Khan debunks rumours about Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat’s new ‘diamond’ name plate, reveals the significance behind choosing the materials


Shah Ruh Khan’s bungalow Mannat had recently acquired a new gate and a brand new name plate. Pictures of the building’s new façade had lit up the internet. Now, SRK’s wife and interior designer Gauri Khan took to social media to share a picture of herself posing next to the brand new name plate that has been named ‘diamond’ by the fans. She also revealed that the name plate is not diamond-studded as speculated by fans but instead is made of glass crystals and the thought behind choosing the material.

Taking to social media, Gauri shared a photo of herself posing next to the name plate and wrote, “The main door of your home is the entry point for your family and friends. So the name plate attracts positive energy… we chose a transparent material with glass crystals that emit a positive, uplifting and calm vibe. #GauriKhanDesigns.”

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Several fan clubs had shared pictures of the nameplate which reads, ‘Mannat’ and ‘Lands End’ saying that King Khan had got a diamond nameplate. Fans were seen getting clicked in front of the new gate, some even copying Shah Rukh’s signature raised arms pose. However, Gauri shut down all the fuss with her post.

In April, Mannat had trended when a new name plate was installed at the gate after years. However, just a month later, fans noted that the new name plate was absent. It was later reported that the name plate was taken down for repairs. The new ‘diamond’ name plate was put up late last week.

(Source: Twitter)