Tiger, Pathaan, Kabir, Rubai, Zoya can all come together in future YRF Spy Universe Films: Writer Shridhar Raghavan teases an epic ensemble movie


Aditya Chopra had envisioned YRF Spy Universe even before Pathaan’s massive box office success. The film’s writer Shridhar Raghavan claims that he can only take credit for a part of the action drama starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. The film has already gotten fans excited about what’s in store for them as it links Pathaan to the characters in War (2019) and the Tiger franchise.

During a recent interview, Shridhar who was also the screenwriter for War shared that he collaborated with director Siddharth Anand and producer Aditya Chopra to establish the story and characters in the film, however, with Pathaan his involvement was more as he was onboard from the very beginning. He said, “The idea is to have a set of adventures of characters who we've already created, which would be Tiger, Kabir, Pathaan, Zoya, Rubai. The idea is to create even further characters. The idea is to go back. You might think this character is done and dusted but we've got a couple of surprises there in terms of what we intend to do with some characters you saw in some earlier stuff. We just want to have fun with these guys."

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He further said, “Once you create lots of characters, you play them off, you play around with them. You don't have to be restricted in the genre by spectacle every time. You can also make a small, intimate spy film. You can also make a thrilling, gritty spy film. You can make a grand, lavish spectacle spy film. Language is no barrier. All spies don't have to come from Delhi and Bombay. You can have across the country. The sky's your limit. I think this thing that Adi sir's creating will go way beyond me."

He also revealed that backstories are in place for most of the characters and they could be returning to screens in some form or another in future films as few things were already in the works. Pathaan that released on January 25 has already rocked the box office breaking several records. The film has crossed over Rs 600 crore at worldwide box office within a week of its release.

(Source: Pinkvilla)