Ranbir Kapoor talks about protecting daughter Raha's privacy, jokes 'but she shouldn’t say later why are people clicking Jeh & Taimur but not me'


Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, who welcomed their baby girl Raha Kapoor in November last year, are currently enjoying parenthood. The couple is often asked about their baby girl Raha and how she changed their lives. Ranbir recently appeared on Kareena Kapoor Khan's talk show and said that he wants Raha to have a normal upbringing. He also joked about her complaining after a few years that no one clicks her photos unlike cousins Taimur and Jeh. 

Talking about protecting Raha's privacy, RK said, “So as parents, we will try to protect it (Raha’s privacy) as much as we can. We just want for her to have a normal upbringing. To go to school, to not make her feel too special, different around other children. She should just have a normal life," Ranbir told Kareena on her show. He also said that they do not have strict rules, and Raha should not say after four or five years that no one clicks her pictures.


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In a promo for the show, Ranbir could be heard saying, “(Raha should not grow up and after 4-5 years say), Dekho Taimur aur Jeh ke itni photos le rahe hai, meri to koi photos hi nahi le raha (How frequently are Taimur and Jeh clicked by them, no one clicks my pictures).”

Ranbir and Alia had earlier requested the paparazzi to not click their baby girl's pictures.