Priyanka Chopra Jonas shares she was in a tumultuous relationship when Nick Jonas 'slid' into her DMs, reveals 'didn’t want to engage as much'


Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas' love story is nothing but a fairytale. The couple, married since 2018, is setting major goals for their fans and admirers. In a recent interview for her upcoming series Citadel, Priyanka opened up about her love story with Nick while talking to Dax Shepherd on his podcast Armchair Expert. The global superstar revealed she wasn't keen on engaging with Nick in 2016 when he first slid into her DM on Twitter. Priyanka shared that she was in a tumultuous relationship back then. 

"He (Nick) slid into my DMs on Twitter. I was in a tumultuous relationship at that time. This is 2016 and we had common friends who like didn’t want me to be in my [previous] relationship. They were like ‘Oh, he is single too. He is not really with that girl but he is..' It was complicated on both our ends. Our friends were like you guys should meet and it didn’t happen. His brother (Kevin Jonas) loved Quantico. I'm really glad because he told Nick, pointing me at a billboard, ‘You should call her.’ He (Nick) had a few people being like ‘Call her’, so he just DMed me and I was like ‘Why don’t you just text me?’ because my social team will just read these messages. He was like ‘Ya, ya, ya, you just want to give me your number.’ I kinda did [and I] didn’t wanna admit at that time because I was in a relationship," Priyanka told. 

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Priyanka further addressed the 10-year age gap between her and Nick. "Yes, I was in long, long serious relationships, 6 years - 5 years average, but back-to-back. When Nick texted me in 2016, slid into my DM and we started chatting, I was at the end of my last long relationship before Nick. I didn’t want to engage as much at the time. I was like 35, he was 25. I really put a stop on it in a way because I judged the book by the cover. I said, ‘I wanna settle down. I have been there and done the fun days.’ I was like ready to get serious, not realising my husband was actually a dear old man stuck in a 25-year-old’s body," she said. 

Priyanka and Nick are now parents to a baby girl named Malti Marie Chopra Jonas who was born to them in January 2022 via surrogacy. 

(Source: Armchair Expert)