OMG 2 Teaser Review: With chants of Har Har Mahadev, Akshay Kumar-Pankaj Tripathi blend mythology with social message


In the opening monologue of OMG 2's teaser, Pankaj Tripathi's voiceover says, "Bhagwan apne banaye bandon mein kabhi bhed bhav nahi karta." Setting the tone right for a film that orbits around religion, faith and culture, the 1 minute 26 seconds video leaves you satisfied but with several valid questions in mind. 

After the humongous success of Oh My God! (OMG) in 2012, the sequel has been greenlit. While Paresh Rawal's Kanji Mehta chapter in the franchise ended a decade ago, Pankaj Tripathi's Kanti Sharan Mudgal's era begins in the OMG universe. There's no connection between the two. Drawing parallels in the opening frame, it is shown that Kanti is a God-fearing person, unlike Kanji who was an atheist. 

When Kanti comes to Mahadev's sharan to seek blessings, the Lord has to come on earth to protect his devotee. Akshay Kumar takes the avatar of Lord Shiva and makes his entry on earth to show him the right direction and shield him. Directed by Amit Rai, the teaser of OMG 2 doesn't reveal all of its cards. There's an air of intrigue as flashes of a young boy ending his life by coming under the train appear in the video. It is still not clear whether it is about casteism, suicide or mental health. That's a good move. 

The background score is impressive. The chants of Har Har Mahadev blended with the tunes of a pungi make the teaser denser. Akshay's entry scene is a cinematic spectacle. He emerges from a pond within a temple's premise and flaunts his well-toned abs. His look is appealing and is apt for the character he is playing. It seems Pankaj will be lending his impeccable comic timing to the film with Akshay. 

The staging of the drama in the teaser is fantastic. There's a shot where people are offering prayers to a Shiv Ling in a temple and in the very next frame, Akshay is seated under a water tap at a railway station. How beautiful is that! 

OMG 2 seems to be the perfect family drama, just like the prequel. The trailer will be out soon. The film releases on August 11, 2023, globally.

Watch the teaser here:

(Source: YouTube)