Why did I do this to myself?: Uorfi Javed regrets getting eye fillers done to cover dark circles


Uorfi Javed's cosmetic treatment took an ugly turn. Recently, the social media influencer, who is known for her bold and unconventional fashion choices, got eye fillers done to correct dark circles. However, it didn't go as planned.

Sharing a picture of her eye fillers gone wrong, Uorfi wrote on Instagram stories, "I was trolled so much because of my dark circles, I got under eye fillers and now my face looks f*cked up!! The under eyes are uneven and weird! Now even makeup can't hide my weird under eyes! Why did I do this to myself?"

In the next story, she added, "Was so conscious with my undereye dark circles, I always have been. I had them since I was a child. So yea I got undereye fillers and my face looks very... Hoping this will settle. And yeah this is what I look sans make up. I do not wish to be photographed without make up. That's it. That's my wish."

After the cosmetic treatment, Uorfi tried to dodge a group of paparazzi outside her gym.

Uorfi (or Urfi) shot to fame with Bigg Boss OTT season 1. Her DIY bold clothes garnered attention and she remains to be popular for the same reason. 

(Source: Instagram)