'Love Stereo Again' offers magnificent chemistry between Tiger Shroff and Zahrah S Khan


It’s time to be blown away as Bhushan Kumar brings the biggest song of the year Love Stereo Again. The song marks a dynamic International collaboration between music maestro Edward Maya, Bollywood sensation Tiger Shroff, Bollywood Pop Diva Zahrah S Khan, and acclaimed composer Tanishk Bagchi. The best part is, the song doesn’t only feature Tiger and Zahrah, but it’s also sung by these two powerhouses of talent!

The music video, directed by the talented Manish Shunty, is an absolute treat to the eyes as well as the ears as we can see Tiger and Zahrah in sizzling avatars, igniting the screen with their scorching chemistry. With Love Stereo Again, Tanishk Bagchi puts a modern-day Indian spin on the timeless Edward Maya classic, penned by the talented Shraddha Pandit (Hindi) and international songwriters Eduard Marian, Eldar Mansurov, and Corneva Victoria. 

Producer Bhushan Kumar said, “This is a massive collaboration of Tiger, Zahrah, Edward, and Tanishk. Their blend of this fresh and contemporary track with an Indian touch is sure to create magic and resonate with audiences!”

Edward Maya shared, "I am thrilled to bring a fresh version of this song with such talented artists. We’ve given the track a whole new dimension and I am excited for the world to hear this amazing rendition."

Tiger Shroff told, “Being a part of 'Love Stereo Again' has been an exhilarating journey. To contribute to such an iconic song is an absolute privilege. From recording the track to filming the music video, every moment was a blast. This party anthem is truly one of a kind, and I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing everyone groove to its beats. Get ready to feel the love and dance your heart out!"

Zahrah S Khan added, “It’s not every day that one gets to match steps with Tiger Shroff, who is a fabulous performer, and one of my favourites. This song is a whole new vibe and I can’t wait for everyone to witness this masterpiece."

Tanishk Bagchi said, "It was an honor to collaborate with Edward Maya and add a new touch to the classic hit. 'Love Stereo Again' brings together Tiger and Zahrah, the best of talents from India, and I am excited to present this fresh sound to the audience."

Shraddha Pandit stated, “Love Stereo Again is a confluence of Indian and Western sounds. It was exciting working with Tiger, Zahrah, and Tanishk and adding an Indian essence to it.”