Har Har Mahadev: From Akshay Kumar's Tandav dance to perfect music beats, here is why this song is the best choice during Sawan


Another song from the movie OMG 2 titled Har Har Mahadev has been released and is getting a lot of appreciation from the audience. The song depicts Akshay Kumar performing the Tandav dance, dressed up like Lord Shiva.

Here are 5 points why the song is a must watch:

Music - Composed and sung by Vikram Montrose, who is known for his hits, and lyrics by Shekhar Asistwa is a perfect combination. Song has powerful beats and makes one want to dance.


Choreography - The song has a super powerful choreography and was choreographed by renowned Bollywood choreographer Ganesh Acharya. Every step in the song is unique and goes perfectly with the beats of the music. Backgrounds dancers can also be seen dancing along with Akshay Kumar throughout wearing vibrant attires symbolizing the devotees of lord Shiva. Pankaj Tripathi, who plays the ‘Shiv bhakt’ in the film is seen applauding and appreciating the celebration from a distance in the music video.

Akshay Kumar's Tandav - The superstar's dance channelling the inner lord Shiva and doing some unique steps in the song is commendable, making the expectation of fans for the movie rise. 

Depiction of Lord Shiva - from the attire to makeup and the Tandav dance of Akshay Kumar, along with his fierce, intense expressions and ash smeared on his face is very impressive. 

Perfect Sawan song -  Sawan is the time of the year when lord Shiva is worshipped, and this song is all about it. Depicting the lord and his devotees worshipping him followed by the Tandav dance makes it a perfect choice during Sawan

Watch the song here:


The movie is directed by Amit Rai and is set to release on August 11