Akshay Kumar gets Indian citizenship on Independence Day!


It could not have come on a better day than when India is celebrating its 77th Independence Day. Akshay Kumar, who is simultaneously celebrating the thumping success and universal acceptance of his new comedy-drama OMG2 and its powerful social message, has just received his much-awaited Indian citizenship. How proud the actor must feel on this most important day for the country can only be imagined.

For years, Akshay unfairly suffered the trolls of being called Canadian Kumar and expressed his anguish when people questioned his love for India. He repeatedly said that having a Canadian passport did not mean he was any less of an Indian. And indeed, the actor has been a staunch and constant supporter of the country in all its natural crises and proudly waved the flag when it came to stepping out in service of the armed forces. His patriotism was also strongly reflected in his choice of films.


In 2019, Akshay had applied for an Indian passport. But the process got unduly delayed once the pandemic set in. Now, this morning, on the great and historic occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day, comes the welcome news that the actor has received his Indian passport. It is a proud moment for him, and also for his legion of fans who have believed in him and wished him well. Our congratulations to Akshay Kumar. Jai Hind!