Mumbai police arrests 3 individuals, recovers 9 mobile phones after 30 fans complain of thievery during Shah Rukh Khan’s 58th birthday celebration in front of Mannat


The King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan recently celebrated his 58th birthday. And to spend some time with his fans who are always eager to catch a glimpse of the superstar. On the midnight of November 1, Shah Rukh came out on the balcony of his residence Mannat, waving to his fans. 

But while this memorable moment, thieves took advantage and around 30 mobile phones were reportedly stolen from the crowd of fans that accumulated in front of the actor’s house.

As per the reports, Mumbai police has arrested 3 individuals as of now whom they caught will the help of the CCTV footage from nearby areas and 9 mobile phones have been recovered.

The accused have been identified as Shubham Jamnaprasad, Mohammed Ali, and Imran.

Source: Free Press Journal