Ankita Lokhande's stellar support to husband Vicky Jain In Bigg Boss 17 wins hearts !


Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain stand out as idol couple that consistently set the bar high for couple goals. Widely recognized for her talent and grace, not only shines in her professional career but also takes pride in being a supportive partner. Her relationship with Vicky  has been marked by understanding and unwavering support. The couple's video footage of Ankita being a perfect spouse and friend to Vicky, who are currently seen in the Bigg Boss 17 house together, has gone viral. The actress’s team shared the video on her social media handle captioned:

“When they say “Marry your best friend”, this is what they mean! ”

In the high-pressure environment of a reality show like Bigg Boss, where emotions run high, Ankita  has showcased resilience and strength as she stands by Vicky . Her unwavering support and understanding of his tactics in the house have not only endeared her to the audience but have also set a shining example of what a strong, supportive relationship looks like. As Ankita  and Vicky   continue to navigate the challenges of public scrutiny with grace, their journey together serves as a beacon of love, companionship, and mutual respect, making them a couple to look up to for setting couple goals.