Bigg Boss 13 couple Himanshi Khurana-Asim Riaz announce separation: Sacrificing our love for different religious beliefs


Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana have been loved by their fans and  even been referred to as ‘Asimanshi’ by them. But in a recent turn of events, the actress went on to share the note announcing about the separation of the couple mentioning the reason to be that of religious beliefs. 

The note says, “YES, We are not together anymore, All the time we have spent together has been great but our togetherness comes to an end Now. The journey of our relationship was great and we are moving forward in our lives. With due respect to our respective religions we are sacrificing our love for our different religious beliefs. We have nothing against each other. We request you to respect our privacy. Himanshi.”

The pair did many projects together and risen above all the accusations that their love was just for the show. This news has certainly left many of the couple’s fans sad but it is important to respect their decision and their privacy, just as Himanshi has requested with her note. It is also a warm gesture of Himanshi to inform her fans that there are no hard feelings between them and it was a mutual decision based on respecting their different religious beliefs.