Samantha Ruth Prabhu to return to acting: I'm going back to work


Samantha Ruth Prabhu is set to return to acting post her 7 months break. 

Despite being at the top of her career, the actress made an announcement last year on the same post being diagnosed with the disease named myositis. 

Now, the actress is ready to step back once again.
On Saturday, she took to her Instagram story to announce the same and also mentioned about the upcoming health podcast.

Samantha said in the video, "Hello! So, yes, I'm going back to work. Finally, But, apart from that - I know most of your questions are when are you going back to work, yes, I'm going back to work! But in the meantime, I was completely jobless. But, I also did something fun with a friend. It's a health podcast. Yes, I know, quite unexpected, but it is something that I really really love, and something that I'm extremely passionate about. And, yup, it's a health podcast and I'm very excited that it's releasing next week. And I hope that some of you really find it useful, and I think I have enjoyed making this.”

She was lastly seen opposite Vijay Deverakonda in Kushi (2023).

Source: Instagram