Exclusive: ‘I'm much better than Vicky when it comes to cooking, make better Dalgona coffee,’ claims Sunny Kaushal


Sunny Kaushal often gets compared to elder brother and National-Award winning actor Vicky Kaushal. However, there is one thing that the former triumphs over the latter hands down. In an exclusive Instagram live session with PeepingMoon.com Sunny revealed that he is way better than Vicky when it comes to being a whiz in the kitchen. 

In fact, Sunny revealed that the latest social media trend-Dalgona coffee is something that he has been making since he was a kid and excels at it too. He said, “I am much better in the kitchen than Vicky. Vicky stumbled upon this new fad Dalgona coffee on the internet, which we have been making since childhood. I am obsessed with it and have been perfecting it. In fact, I am much better than Vicky when it comes to cooking.” 

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Well, there you have it. Vicky might be the bigger star but Sunny scores over him when it comes to culinary skills. For the unversed, Dolgona coffee trend first originated on video making platform TikTok, before going viral on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

The name, Dalgona, gives the recipe an exotic undertone but it is just your plain, average, run-of-the-mill cold coffee with a fancy name that we all have been making either by whisking it with a fork or a spoon or a blender. Well, we’re sure our mothers would be happy to know that all the whisking that they made us do during our childhood results in a coffee that has an exotic name.