PeepingMoon Exclusive- ‘Ladka Beimaan’ is about running out of second chances in relationships: Singer Shreya Sharma


Prada singer Shreya Sharma is out with her new single Ladka Beimaan that talks about running out of second chances and how men manipulate women by cheating while in relationships. Talking exclusively to in a candid interview, the singer spoke about the song, lending her voice to Alia Bhatt in Prada and reveals details about her upcoming projects.

Excerpts from the interview:

What’s the idea behind Ladka Beimaan?

We came up during jamming. Women give a lot of second chances but at some point they run out and then there is no looking back. So I think Ladka Beimaan is about if you're in a toxic place in life and it’s about running out of second chances and running out of forgiveness.

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How was the feel to lend your voice to Alia Bhatt in Prada?

It was an amazing feeling. Even now when I hear the song sometimes I can’t believe that it is my voice and she is such a lovely human being I am happy that I got to meet her and got to interact with her. She is really nice. It felt like a dream that she is going to lip sync to my song

Did Alia give you any feedback or suggestion since she herself sings?

Actually she did not but she told me that she loved my voice, and appreciated my singing and told me that I have done a phenomenal job. It tells a lot about her that she respects the artist and she told me that several people thought she herself had sung the song and she said during an interview that I had done a good job, when she said that I was very touched.

How has the success of Prada benefited you?

People noticed my voice and the fact that I sung for alia. People knew about my work and hence I got the recognition and now people take me more seriously.

What do you like - Remixes or original song?

I feel like we should definitely focus on original songs because we’ve had some iconic songs of the 90s and we had some iconic songs of the 2000s and 2010s so we should we have some for 2020s as well. Having said that there are some really nice remixes, I loved the Dilbar remake so it all depends on the perception and how one goes about it. Even the Muqabla remix was so good so it depends upon the treatment. It is all about the feel.

Given a chance which song would you like to remake?

I think I would love to remake Raat Shabnami and one of Govinda’s songs maybe Sona Kitna Sona Hai or Husn Hai Suhana.

What are your upcoming projects?

I have another single coming up called Tera Nasha. It’s got a saxophone in it so it’s got a lot of instrumental feel to it. You know as an artist I wanted to have a phone which people can enjoy with their loved ones or while they are driving and listen to my voice. So I am really proud of that. There is a Hindi-English mix that I have done called Regular Girl which has a lot of R&B now.