Virushka’s wedding planner reveal all that went down behind the scenes


The most talked wedding of the country and we’re here to break it down how it all happened! spoke to the magic workers who planned the entire wedding and reception for Anushka and Virat Kohli. In an exclusive interview, Shaadi Squad spills the beans on how they managed to host a discreet wedding of such a high profile couple. Check it out!

Congratulations on pulling off one of the biggest wedding of the year. How are you feeling?

It’s just kind of sinking in right now. Still not settled.

How did you land a project so closely guarded?

We came on board around 4 months back and since then it’s been a little difficult to keep things discreet. You never know when cat goes out of the bag.

Why Tusacany as a destination? Was India not listed due to privacy concerns?

Privacy being one reason. As a property and destination, Italy according to us was a good idea. We looked at other options but we really loved this place.

How difficult was the wedding planning in Tuscany for Virat and ANushka?

Since no one knew whose marriage it was, it was just like any other wedding. We specialize in destination weddings anyway so Tuscany didn’t throw us off cart. We come from a production background and have been doing feature film productions for many years, so the wedding was like a shoot but without a camera.

So it was just you and your partner who were aware and not your employees?

No one knew. Just us.

Any special moment from the wedding?

Nothing that you don’t already know. It’s all out there.

Did the property owners know about the bride and the groom? What was their and the staff’s reaction?

Everyone was overwhelmed and thrilled to host such an event. The owners were ogling and trying to understand how big Virat and Anushka are in India. The reactions were priceless!

Virat and Anushka thanked you on their social media? How does it feel to get publically recognized nationwide?

They’re very sweet, both of them. They saw the work we put and I guess which is why they gave us a shout out which was very sweet of them. The whole team was on Cloud 9! It was a sweet gesture on their behalf.

How’s the work for Reception going?

Very Hectic!

You must be getting a lot of queries post this wedding. It’s like your ‘Band Baaja Baarat Moment’. How does it feel?

We are getting multiple queries and our team is handling that. However the core team is busy with the Receptions and as much as we want to, sadly we can’t. We’ll tackle them early January.

Devika Narain is getting all the credit for planning the wedding of the year. Don't you feel this misleading, taking away your credit?

I don’t know how that’s happening. I guess people just put two and two together. Devika Narain and her company took care of the wedding décor. We at Shaadi Squad did the production and management of the wedding.  And the couple put out that post so everything was cleared anyway.

Any tips for the ones out there ready to get hitched?

Sit back and relax and let the planner do the job.