People should not talk about humanity in Bigg Boss house, says Dipika Kakar's husband Shoaib Ibrahim


Barely three months into the marriage and everybody teased Dipika Kakar who entered the Bigg Boss 12 house. Owing to her dominating nature Dipika earned the reputation of the “Saas” or mother-in-law of the house. In a recent task (Samudari Lootere), the simple and everyone’s favourite bahu showed her ferocious side and the housemates tagged her as “inhumane and mean”. When the housemates had to rank themselves as best entertainer Dipika did not feature on the chart and Salman Khan told her that she was not been seen enough. Her industry colleague Karan Patel also accused her of being diplomatic.

But what is the truth behind Dipika’s demeanour and what is her game? exclusively connected with Dipika’s husband Shoaib Ibrahim who shed light on what is Dipika up to in the Bigg Boss house.

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Q. How much are you missing Dipika?

A: It is something I cannot express in words. We were called as a jodi inside the house. But unfortunately, we both have a lot of responsibilities of our family. My father does not keep too well and hence going incommunicado for three months was not possible, therefore we decided that Dipika should go. This was the best for her career as of now.

Q. Do you agree that Dipika is not been seen and that she is playing diplomatic?

She might have taken her time to understand everyone and adjust in the first week, but that’s all. Post that she has been very proactive and if she was not seen then why would she trend on twitter? As far as being diplomatic is concerned, I don’t see a problem in that; unless and until it creates a hindrance in your game. If Dipika was diplomatic she would have never taken a stand for so many things in the house.

Q. Jasleen called her inhumane during the “Samudari Lootere” task; Surabhi was heard saying the same thing? Do you feel she is inhuman?

A: Firstly, people in that house should not even talk about humanity. We all know to what level people stoop to win simple tasks. Secondly, Dipika is the kind of person who is very competitive yet she always has her heart into things. People accused her of irresponsible behaviour in the first task, she took that in the stride. In the second task of “Samudari Lootere”, she was bang on. When the pirates attacked her, she kept saying that she couldn’t breathe and everybody asked her to get up, so how can she be wrong if she is giving everyone a taste of their own medicine.

Q. What do you have to say about Surabhi mocking her and Jasleen accusing her?

A: Well, all I would say is that ki “Saas, Saas hoti hai”. Don’t take pangas with the saas!

Q. Do you think Deepak double crossed Dipika?

A: I had an immense liking for Deepak since the beginning. He was funny, entertaining and I respected him for standing with the truth and going against his teammates. But, after the backbiting, he tried to do for Dipika and put her in the bad light in front of Sreesanth it has worked reverse for him. He had all intentions of creating a rift between Sreesanth and her. But Dipika is a sorted person and she is very courageous, she straight away went and confronted Sreesanth. This shows her integrity. Moreover, Dipika’s best quality is that she is matured, and that is showing in her game.

Q. Lastly, do you think Dipika is supporting Sreesanth way too much; Sree is being quite unreasonable?

A: Dipika normally does not make relationships so easily. She does not let people so close just like that. If Dipika has called Sreesanth her brother, she must have had that connection and no matter what happens she will always stand by his side.