The Rising Stars Of Bollywood: Why only 'Wonder Woman,' why can't a brown girl be a superhero - Mrunal Thakur


After making an impressive debut in Love Sonia (2018), Mrunal Thakur starred in films like Super 30, Batla House and Ghost Stories. While 2019 and 2020 were fantastic for the actress, she has many surprises up her sleeve this year. In an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, Mrunal spoke about bringing in change and making a huge difference in society with her films. She said that she wants to inspire women, youth and especially young girls to say 'no' if they aren't okay with anything. 

"The kinds of roles I have been doing are progressive. It's not just going to change the way people are going to look at Bollywood actresses, but will also make a huge difference in society. Every film has a message, an agenda and also inspires women in some way or the other. I hope the kind of films I do change the youth and want people, especially girls to say no if they aren’t okay with anything," Mrunal told. 

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In December last year, Mrunal became the voice of a comic superhero named Priya. The character belonged to the fourth edition of the comic book series, Priya’s Mask. Vidya Balan and Kabir Khan-Mini Mathur's daughter Sairah Kabir joined her. Talking about the need for desi Wonder Woman, Mrunal shared, "Priya is India's first comic superhero and I got to be her voice. Why only a Wonder Woman can be a superhero? Why can’t a brown girl be a superhero? I want brown girls to reach all over the globe."

(Transcribed by: Tanmayi Savadi)

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