The Rising Stars Of Bollywood: I would love to be a fly on the wall when Ranveer Singh is acting; want to dance around the trees with Deepika Padukone- Ritwik Bhowmik


Call him Bandish Bandits' Radhe or simply Ritwik Bhowmik, one cannot ignore the talent in him. In the most unpredictable way, Ritwik made his digital debut in a rather tough year and won hearts with his effortless portrayal of a classical singer from Rajasthan in Anand Tiwari directed web show that released on Amazon Prime Video in August 2020. Now, as 2021 seems to be a promising year for him, Ritwik, like any other young actor, aspires to see himself on the big screen. But he wants to go about it naturally and has no plan ready. Excited to star in an out-and-out masala potboiler, Ritwik said the day he will stop feeling happy, he will leave this job.

"I was absolutely enticed by cinema because of the kind of experience it gives you. Being in a movie is always a dream. I hope it will very soon become reality too. Having said that, there is no set plan as such. Mujhe bas kaam karte rehna hai. I really hope to do these big masala blockbusters one day jaha main khud ko dekh ke seeti maar dunga. Other than that, there is no plan. I just want to keep having fun and be happy with whatever I am doing. That's the whole point of doing what you are doing. I'm doing this because I feel happy. The day I stop feeling happy, I'll leave this job," Ritwik stated.

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Ask him about his favourite director, pat came the reply- "I want to work with Mani Ratnam sir, want to be shot by Santosh Sivan and want to dance to the tunes of A R Rahman. Jab yeh teen Hindi film banane aayenge, chad jaunga main unpar. That's a dream. Even if Mani sir says he doesn't want to make Hindi films and asks me to do a Tamil film, I'll do it." The young actor further revealed that he wants to do a light-hearted family drama. "I'm a consumer of stories that make the entire family sit together, have a great time, laugh and cry together. I want to be a part of such stories. I don't want to always leave an impact. It is great to start a discussion. But once in a while, you should just go there to get things out of your head and relax," he shared. 

Ritwik firmly believes that he is made for typical Rohit Shetty masala films. "Main to wait kar raha hu kisi party mein Rohit Shetty dikh jaye toh main chipak jau." He further shared that he would like to dance around the trees with Ranveer Singh and his wife Deepika Padukone. "I would love to work with Ranveer Singh. I can be the fly on the wall when he is acting," Ritwik added. 

(Transcribed by: Tanmayi Savadi)