PeepingMoon Exclusive: Kiara Advani to join Ranveer Singh in Shankar’s psychological crime remake


Remember we told you in February that our Ranveer Singh was in talks with distinguished South filmmaker S. Shankar? And that there was the possibility of them collaborating on a thriller? Also, that film could just be the Hindi remake of Shankar’s 2005 super-hit Anniyan? Well, we are now going to elaborate on that breaking story. News is that the Ranveer-Shankar film is now a certainty. And joining the Gully Boy hero will be Bollywood’s new flavour of the month, the gorgeous Kiara Advani.

The news is said to have originated in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s office. Though there’s no confirming it. All of Bollywood is abuzz with excitement at this new pairing in the South filmmaker’s big ticket Hindi production. It is believed that Ranveer, a fan of Shankar’s genius and eye for visual spectacles, approached the legendary Tamilian cinema genius himself to check out the possibility of them working together. Something must have clicked, because can now exclusively tell you Kiara is also going to be in this film.

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Anniyan, which starred Vikram as an idealistic, law-abiding lawyer with a multiple personality disorder, is a psychological crime thriller that turned out to be a major box-office hit. Indications are that its remake is what Shankar will be producing with Ranveer and Kiara. Another major Bollywood studio is also reportedly in talks with Shankar to co-produce this film. The budget and other terms are being discussed before it officially comes on board. Shankar is keen on taking Anniyan to another level in Hindi using modern VFX and state-of-the-art technology. The script also is being rewritten to give it a fresh, pan-India appeal.