PeepingMoon Exclusive: I’m struggling with my own issues so it would be best to keep it on hold for a little more time: Shefali Jariwala on adopting her first child


Shefali Jariwala, the Kaanta Laga girl who impressed one and all with her 'Sherni-like' stint in Bigg Boss 13 in 2020, recently sat down for an exclusive chat with PeepingMoon. Talking about earning the 'Kaanta Laga Girl' title, the actress proudly talked about the possibility of a part 2. Shefali, who is married to actor Parag Tyagi, also gave an update on her adoption plans and why it has been 'put on hold' for now. 

Excerpts from the interview: 

You had a successful run in Bigg Boss 13 as a wild card contestant. What changed the most after your stint?

Nothing has changed at all. I’m the same person. But something that did change in me, didn’t happen because of Bigg Boss. It happened because of the Coronavirus lockdown. Of course, going to Bigg Boss makes you realise the importance of family but you already know that. But I’m very thankful to Bigg boss because I got my mojo back because of Bigg Boss. But I have not changed, I’m just the same. 

For the longest time, you have been referred to as 'The Kanta Laga Girl'. Does that ever bother you? 

Even today people call me the Kanta Laga girl and I can’t be more proud. I feel that people work so hard for so long to make an identity for themselves and my very first song did that for me. I will always be very grateful. I was lucky to have bagged the song that will always be one of the biggest hits that this country has ever seen. I loved to be a part of it. I’m glad people still know me as the Kamra Laga girl because there’s just one Kanta Laga girl in the whole world and that is me. So, that is something to celebrate. 

What about a revamped version of the song matching today's time?

I’m obviously in touch with the makers. They’re like my first parents. Radhika and Vinay, the people who directed Kaanta Laga and who discovered me loitering outside my college, are my screen parents. I’m totally in touch with them and every time we talk, we always talk about creating a Kanta Laga 2.0. See, certain things are destined and if it has to happen it’ll happen. Having said that, I’d love for it to happen. 

How has the second wave lockdown phase been for you? 

Without lying to you, the last lockdown was a piece of cake for me but this one was a little difficult. I don’t ever like to lie about my state of my mind. I like to be very honest and real about how I feel. This lockdown became a little difficult because of the uncertainty of times. It got to me at one point, no yoga was helping me, no mediation was helping me & no workout was helping me. It’s okay to not be okay and that has been my mantra this lockdown. But that period has passed and I’m happier and more positive today. 

Last year, you spoke about willing to adopt a child. Is the process underway now? 

So, there is something that we were talking about and we started counseling for that. But that time was very different. You know before the whole Corona situation. Now, things have gotten so delayed with Parag not being around, me not being in the best state of my mind, so we just put it on hold because it’s a very big decision. It will happen but the time has to be right. You need to be absolutely sane and positive about everything but I have not been that sane this year. And I’m struggling with my own issues so I just thought it would be best to keep it on hold for a little more time. I’m very positive about this year, I am sure this whole Coronavirus pandemic is gonna be over soon and then I’ll bring the baby home. Or maybe even before that, I don’t know. I’ve to be ready for it, it’s a very very big decision. And with the legal process of this country, it does take time. It’s not like just walking into an anaath ashram and bringing the child home. It’s not that easy, even when you want to adopt, it takes 2-3 years, at least before the child comes home. And because of the lockdown, things have gotten so delayed that I think it’s for the best that things have gotten delayed because even I don’t feel well enough right now. 

How do you deal with hate comments on social media? 

If I would say that it doesn’t affect me, I’d be lying. Some days it affect you. You got to understand that it is social media and it is a very fake world out there. I don’t need validation from anybody. It doesn’t matter when one person is talking rubbish about you when 100 others are complimenting you. It could be a bott account. I always end up telling them, ‘God bless you’.

If given a chance, would you want to enter Bigg Boss again? 

If you ask this to me today, I’d say yes because I’m feeling great today but on some days, I would not want to go back to the Bigg Boss house. It’s a mixed feeling. 

It was everywhere that you'll be seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. Were you approached? 

See what happens is that Bigg Boss 1 was offered to me but I ended up doing season 13 because I felt that was right. So, things are offered to you. Sometimes things don’t work out. There are so many things involved. I also have my gut feelings involved. This season was not meant for me. Things didn’t work out, of course, they did approach me but I don’t know how the name came out. Maybe next year, I don’t know. I never say never. And I am glad I didn’t do it this year, because of the lockdown, the gyms were shut and I was certainly not in my best shape (laughs). 

What about your upcoming projects?

I’ve shot for a beautiful film but I can’t talk much about it because of the contract. I shot for it earlier this year but I don’t know when it’s releasing. Apart from that, there’s a lot of OTT that I’ve agreed to do. But all that is very uncertain as of now with all the travel and shooting restrictions but I’m hoping to do.