PeepingMoon Best Of 2021: If the title of Chaka Chak is now left with me forever, I think that's just amazing - Sara Ali Khan


The Chaka Chak girl of Bollywood - Sara Ali Khan - surprised fans, audience and critics as she perfectly portrayed the complicated role of Rinku Sooryavanshi in Aanand L Rai's Atrangi Re co-starring Akshay Kumar and Dhanush. Be it her iconic dance moves in the song Chaka Chak or her acting skills, Sara made sure to leave an impact with the film. In PeepingMoon’s Best Of 2021 segment, Sara talked to our Managing Editor Ankita Bhalla about being the Chaka Chak girl and giving Atrangi Re all that she has. 

The actress said, "I think it feels Chaka Chak, it really does. Somewhere down the line, I know in 2020, Atrangi gave me everything I have and I will give Atrangi now everything I have. Whether it was promoting the film, whether it was waiting for the film to come out, whether it was the reception of the film - whatever Atrangi gave me, I will give it back."

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Sara, whose song Chaka Chak took over the internet for the longest time, further added, "If the title of Chaka Chak is now left with me forever, I think that's just amazing. The only thing that kept me feeling Chaka Chak in 2020 was Atrangi Re."

Atrangi Re released on December 24 and received a good response from audiences and critics likewise.