PeepingMoon Exclusive: When we were kids, elder siblings would take us out for ice cream, now I am following the same ritual with younger ones- Zaheer Iqbal on Eid 2022


Eid Mubarak to all the readers of PeepingMoon! After two years, Muslims will be celebrating Eid with grandeur. On this occasion, PeepingMoon spoke to Zaheer Iqbal who shared his plans with us. 

Talking about his Eid plan, Zaheer said, "I will be celebrating Eid with my family members. Like each year, I will dedicate the whole day to them, with good food and create and reminisce beautiful memories. This year is going to be different from the previous Eid as my uncles and aunts, who couldn’t celebrate with us due to the pandemic, will be with us as the situation is much better. Eid has been more or less similar each year. We eat till we drop down (laughs)."

Recalling his childhood days, Zaheer shared, "In the evening/night, our elder siblings would take the younger ones out for ice cream. Now, since I am babysitting the younger ones, it is fun to follow the same ritual with them. We are spoiling them."    

Has he shopped for his Eid outfit? "My Eid outfit is ready. My producer (of Double XL film), mentor and brother Mudassar Aziz has been gifting me Pathani suits. This time too, he has chosen my outfit," he added. 

Due to the pandemic, there was unrest in the world. Does Zaheer consider Eid as an opportunity to let go of all worries and think about positive things? "Absolutely. Every day is an opportunity to let go of negativity, Eid is just another day," he stated.  

Sending out a message to all his fans who are celebrating Eid, Zaheer said, "Be safe as COVID-19 is still around. Be careful and enjoy these moments with your family. Be grateful for everything that you have."