Mother's Day Exclusive: Moms are the true warriors for girls, why one day when I can celebrate her daily- Avantika Dassani on 'mama mia' Bhagyashree


Every single day is mother's day, don't we all agree? Avantika Dassani also seconds this thought. As the world celebrates Mother's Day today, PeepingMoon spoke to the newbie actress and her ever-gorgeous mother, actress Bhagyashree. 

Talking to PeepingMoon, Bhagyashree and Avantika spoke about their plan to celebrate Mother's Day. The Mithya actress further credited her mother for making her who she is today. Bhagyashree, showering praise on her daughter, lauded her for taking up challenges positively. 

Excerpts from the interview:

What’s the plan for Mother's Day?

Bhagyashree: I would like to book tickets to a destination where Avantika & I can bond as mother-daughter. That’s what we have been planning but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t so.

Avantika: All I can say is she (Bhagyashree) will be pampered. 

Avantika, don’t you think every day is Mother's Day and we don’t really need one specific day to celebrate it?

Yes, I completely agree. Moms are the true warriors for girls. Today, who I am & how I face the world, all come from her. Why celebrate her one day when I should celebrate her every day? 

Bhagyashree, when it comes to parenting, how different are you from your own mother?

I have given my children (actor Abhimanyu Dassani & Avantika) the opportunity to speak their own minds, have their own opinion and chase their dreams with strong willpower. When we were kids, we followed what our parents asked us to do, irrespective of what we wanted to do. We were never given the chance to stand up and fulfil our dreams and goals. 

Avantika, what’s that one quality of Bhagyashree you wish to pass on to your own children?

It is the empathy that I get from her. The sensitive and empathetic side I have comes from my mother. It is an important quality in the world we live in now. If and when I decide to have children, I will definitely love to pass on these qualities. 

Bhagyashree, what’s that one quality of Avantika you would like to imbibe in yourself?

Avantika can take up any challenge and go about it positively. She can manage to go on a roller coaster ride. Be it her board exams or education abroad by getting a scholarship, going for auditions or doing her first project, Mithya, all by herself, every time she has stood up to challenges with a positive attitude. I have always seen her excited and not nervous or apprehensive. 

Avantika, what’s that one quality of Bhagyashree you would like to imbibe in yourself?

That will be her adaptability. At the age of 50, she has gone back to education. She has become a nutritionist. Being able to do something like that is so amazing. She believes in following her heart without worrying about log kya sochenge.