PeepingMoon Exclusive: Looking for a change in my career graph with Bigg Boss 16, I want it to be bigger & better: Tinaa Dattaa


For many years, fans of Bigg Boss were anticipating TV actress Tinaa Dattaa's participation. Now, after turning down the offer several times, she finally signed the contract! Tinaa has been locked inside the house and it will be interesting to watch her on the small screen once again.

In an exclusive interview with, Tinaa spoke about her expectations from Bigg Boss 16. She also opened up about the reason for participating in the reality show and her desire to give her career a boost. Excerpts from the interview:

What’s your expectation from Bigg Boss 16?

My expectation from Bigg Boss 16 is very high. I want the show to be super successful. 

Were you approached for any previous season?

Yes, I was approached many a time in the past 7-8 years now. However, things never really worked out in my favour and finally, I am going to be a part of Bigg Boss this year. 

In the past, actors have benefitted from Bigg Boss, personally and professionally too. Are you expecting the same?

Who doesn’t want a change in their career graph? I am definitely looking for a bigger and better career graph. I don’t know what’s in store for me in my personal life as well. I am here to make new friendships and relationships. 

Your last show was in 2019. Did the pandemic play a spoilsport?

The pandemic certainly did not play a spoilsport in my career. When the pandemic hit, I was quarantined in Goa. I was quite active on social media and did brand endorsement. 

Are you open to finding love on the show?

Yes, I am open to finding love and looking forward to something interesting happening on the show. 

Who is your favourite previous contestant?

It changes every year and it is not fair to just take one name. 

It is often said that actors do Bigg Boss either due to lack of income or unemployment. Some are often shamed for it too. Do such notions affect you too? 

If people know me, it would be foolish of them to think that I am doing Bigg Boss 16 because I am jobless or have a financial crisis. I have established myself as an actor and I am financially stable. I was approached for many such shows I didn’t wish to be a part of. With social media taking a spike, nobody can be jobless. If you are financially stable, you have the access to be choosy and picky about your work. This is certainly not the reason for choosing Bigg Boss 16, I wanted to overcome my fear of not being a part of the show.