PeepingMoon Exclusive: 'Bigg Boss 16 is like personality development session for me, it'll help me grow as a person & professional,' says Gautam Singh Vig


Gautam Singh Vig, known as the Hrithik Roshan of television, has participated in the 16th season of Salman Khan-Bigg Boss. Popularly known for playing key roles in shows like NaamkarannTantra and Ishq Subhan Allah to name a few, he has been one of the most anticipated contestants of the reality show.

In an exclusive interview with, Gautam spoke about his expectations from Bigg Boss 16, choosing a reality show and his most favourite previous contestants of Bigg Boss. Excerpts from the interview:

What’s your expectation from Bigg Boss 16?

I am expecting this season to be more fun as Bigg Boss himself will be playing the game with us. 

Were you approached for any previous seasons?

Yes, I have been approached for Bigg Boss in the past but since I was not getting enough time due to my work schedule, I couldn’t take it. 

You’ve done TV shows in the past. Why did you choose a reality show over fictional ones?

I have done 6 TV shows till now. People recognise you by the character you play, but Bigg Boss is a platform where you can be realistic, and show yourself and your personality to people. With this show, I want my fans to love me. 

In the past, actors have benefitted from Bigg Boss, personally and professionally too. Are you expecting the same?

Honestly, I have no expectations as it depends on individual perceptions. I am going with an open mind so whatever comes in, I will appreciate it. I prefer keeping things organic.

It is often said that actors do Bigg Boss either due to lack of income or unemployment. Some are often shamed for it too. Do such notions affect you too? 

I am here to change that notion. In today’s world, people are always on social media. Bigg Boss 16 will be like detox and more like a personality development thing for me where I will grow as a person and actor.  

Who is your favourite previous contestant?

I haven’t watched many seasons of Bigg Boss. The last I watched was Bigg Boss 13; I liked Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz for their real personalities.