PeepingMoon Exclusive: Dheeraj Dhoopar sheds light on his latest song Aabaad, opens up about the idea of doing a music video with wife Vinny Arora Dhoopar & son Zayn


Dheeraj Dhoopar has teamed up with Aamna Sharif for a music video. Titled Aabaad, it is produced by Afsana Kherani under Yellow Strings Entertainment. Unlike other songs, it is a roller coaster ride of emotions that will take you through sentiments like deep love and extreme heartache. 

As Aabaad releases today, Dheeraj spoke to exclusively about signing the song, why it can be a clutter-breaker, and his experience working with Aamna for the first time. He further expressed his desire to do more music videos in his career.

Excerpts from the interview:

What made you say yes to Aabaad

The melody of the song was the first reason for me to do the song. After being a part of a few songs in the recent past I wanted to do something that I have never done before. Aabaad is that song for me. I also wanted to do something different for my fans and followers.

According to you, what makes the song a clutter-breaker?

The very fact that the team working on the song thought of me and Aamna as a couple was in itself clutter-breaking. We have never been seen on screen before and that is something different also the song in itself is very touching. Last but not least the way the song was shot was a great experience.

As an actor, do you believe music videos give the liberty to experiment? 

Music videos are like short films where an actor gets the liberty to experiment and perform. It also is a little change from what the actor is doing on a regular basis. So in all, it becomes a very fruitful experience. 

Any anecdotes from the song’s set with Aamna Sharif?

I am known to be a prankster on all the sets that I have been a part of and it was no different this time. I played so many pranks on the sets that people used to think 10 times before being anywhere around me. 

Do you wish to do more music videos in the future?

Why not!? If I get my kind of songs and my kind of characters then I would certainly want to do as many music videos as possible. It also gives me a chance to promote Independent music. I'm so glad that the Independent music scene is growing in India and that I am contributing to it. 

Any plans to do a song or music video with your wife Vinny Arora Dhoopar and son Zayn?

This thought has never occurred to me before. So I can't comment on it.