PeepingMoon Exclusive: Log jabardasti unko naam dena chahte hai, but I know they're just friends- Bigg Boss 16 contestant Priyanka Chahar Choudhary's brother Yogesh on her relationship with Ankit Gupta


Priyanka Chahar Choudhary is emerging as a strong contender for the Bigg Boss 16 trophy. After rising to fame as Tejo from Udaariyaan, the actress is currently winning hearts with her no-nonsense and dignified approach to the game. Despite being bashed by host Salman Khan, Priyanka's conduct through odds has appealed to avid watchers of the reality show.

Now, as Bigg Boss 16 is marching toward the finale gradually, spoke to Priyanka's younger brother Yogesh Choudhary. Talking to us, Yogesh opened up about his sister's strengths, qualities, her game, and closeness to Ankit Gupta. 

Excerpts from the interview:

Were you skeptical when Priyanka told you about her decision to do Bigg Boss 16? Many are of the opinion that she's too refined and polished for a show like this.

Priyanka di has been someone who makes people fall in love with her personality, so I was confident that she can pull it off easily. The only thing that bothered me was she conducts herself with dignity and grace but there are people like Archana Gautam who don't think twice before speaking. That was the only issue I had. I was sure that Priyanka di has the potential to do Bigg Boss 16

In November, you had penned a statement calling out the bullying culture inside the house. What prompted you to make that move?

When I decided to write that statement, I felt the Mandali was given more preference over Priyanka di and people who were close to her. They were often bashed even when they were right. Priyanka di was being shown in a negative light which is why I thought the show was promoting bullying culture. 

Do you still feel she’s being bullied?

Not as much as before because the dynamics have changed. Initially, Archana was a friend but now it feels like she is Priyanka di's biggest rival. She cannot be trusted at all. 

Are you of the opinion that people are looking at Priyanka’s dignified silence as her weakness?

Ghar mein shayad isko weakness ki tarah lete honge contestants but the audience is looking at it as her strength. The audience is watching and they know what's the reality. 

Many are of the opinion that Sajid Khan is insecure about Priyanka. Do you agree?

I can't say whether he is insecure but I think he doesn't like Priyanka di. Unko lagta hai ki voh agar unko kahenge, "Badi gadi pe peeche chote kuttey bhagte hai," toh voh vamp ki tarah dikhenge but yeh galatfehmi hai unki. He will realise it the day he comes out of Bigg Boss 16. 

Has the Bigg Boss 16 house changed your sister?

No, not at all. She is exactly the same outside the house too. 

There was a lot being spoken about her relationship with Ankit Gupta. Did it bother you and the entire family?

It doesn’t bother me as I am aware of the relationship they share. Agar gharwale unko naam dena chahte hai jabardasti toh voh alag hai. I know that they’re just good friends and that’s why I am not affected.

What's your response to host Salman Khan bashing Priyanka for every small reason?

It is unfair. Recently, Archana split hot water in the kitchen and Salman Khan should have addressed the topic but it never happened. Shekhar Suman came in and brushed it off in humour when the topic should have been discussed in detail. Archana ko pyaar se, acche se samjhaya gaya but Priyanka di gets grilled in front of everybody. 

Apart from Priyanka, which contestant has the potential to make it to the top 3?

I would like to see Shiv Thakare and either MC Stan or Abdu Rozik.

What’s that one message you’d like to give her as a brother and audience?

As a brother, main unko batana chahta hu ki aap bahar ki chinta rehne do aur aap bohot acche dikh rahe ho. Jab baaki ke log bahar aake episodes dekhenge toh aapse dosti karna chahenge. As an audience, you are playing well, don’t change.