PeepingMoon Exclusive: 'I desire to be a part of the beautiful dream world called Bollywood,' says emcee Lincia Rosario


Lincia Rosario, hailed as one of the best emcees across Asia and the Middle East, represented India on a global level by hosting a mega event during the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Having done over 1000 shows across multiple international countries, she's popular globally too. 

In an exclusive interview with, Lincia opened up about her FIFA World Cup 2022 experience, coming a long way in her career, working on herself-mentally and physically and whether she plans to make her Bollywood debut. 

Excerpts from the interview:

You hosted a mega event during the FIFA World Cup 2022. How was the experience?

One word that comes to my mind is euphoric. That's how I felt meeting people of different nationalities coming together with one goal which is celebrating the game of football. It felt incredible but for me, it was challenging because I worked for 20 days back-to-back without taking a break even when I wasn't keeping well on a couple of days. FIFA World Cup 2022 taught me that mental ability is more important than physical. Even when you're feeling low, if you are mentally strong, everything falls into place. The game helped me connect with the artiste hidden within me. 

You’ve come a long way in your career. What were the challenges and obstacles you had to face to reach this stage? 

Yes, I applaud myself for coming a long way but I feel there's still a long journey to complete. The challenge I had to overcome was the fear of public speaking. I wasn't sure if I was saying a particular word in the correct manner. I remember wanting to run away. Around 10 years ago, I hosted a fashion show and wanted to run away but thankfully I didn't. Facing the audience was my first biggest challenge. Then I worked on my craft and diction. It is a continuous process and I wouldn't say I know it all. I still feel there's a long long way to go. Apart from that, I worked on my fashion, looks, fitness and even stamina as we have to stand for hours in heels. Hosting is not only about speaking, it is also about your stamina and strength.

You’re among the best emcees across Asia and the Middle East. Does it add extra pressure on your shoulder to live upto people’s expectations?

Being the best comes with the responsibility of not being in your comfort zone. Breaking the monotony and pattern is necessary. We're so used to who we are. As a presenter and emcee, I often ask myself what can be done to push the boundaries without losing my signature style. People's expectations are always going to be there but when I ask myself whether I was better than yesterday and if the answer is 'yes', expectations don't matter. I cannot please everyone. For me, it is important to keep my soul happy.  

Do you see Bollywood dreams?

Of course, I have Bollywood dreams. I am grateful to get my first music video, Faaslein, last year and received tremendous love for that. I was also the face of a vehicle brand. I gave almost 65 auditions last year. I hope to do some good web series and music videos. So, Bollywood is a desire and I wish to be a part of this beautiful dream world.