PeepingMoon Exclusive: ‘To be able to take out a day to celebrate someone’s presence in this world is special,’ says Nora Fatehi as she celebrates her birthday today


Nora Fatehi is celebrating her birthday today. The ace dancer and actress is celebrating her 31st birthday today. In an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, Nora spoke about her birthday plans and what it means to her.


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Are you a birthday person?

I don’t shy away from the idea of a celebration. I think with life, we’re all moving so fast doing a million and one things and it’s all so fleeting. To be able to take out a day to celebrate someone’s presence in this world is special. Especially if you are fortunate enough to celebrate in the company of your loved ones. If a celebration isn’t feasible for whatever reason, it’s the sentiment of acknowledging someone and their uniqueness to the world and what they mean to you that matters most.


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Has your idea of celebrating birthdays changed since you were a child?

The more birthdays that pass, the more we value moments and put more effort to enjoy life for more of the simplest things. Simple pleasures like taking it back to the people that matter the most and spending time with loved ones and really making an effort to be positive, happy & grateful.